Run Gulp.js from eclipse


This post provides details on how run gulp.js in eclipse.


  • Install node on Local machine.
  • Install node eclipse plugin as described here.
  • Download required node modules to get the required libraries as described here.

Steps to execute Gulp.js:

  • Create gulp.js file with required tasks.
  • Create build.js file with trigger to gulp.js file.
  • Right click on build.js file and run it as Node Application.
  • In order to trigger specific gulp tasks, trigger them via program arguments to build.js.
Find below the snippet of the gulp.js, you can find complete gulp.js here.
var gulp = require('gulp');


gulp.task('default', ['build']);

gulp.task('clean', function () {
Find below the snippet of the build.js, you can find complete build.js here.
var gulp = require('gulp');

if(process.argv[2] == 'clean'){
} else if (process.argv[2] == 'output') {
}else if (process.argv[2] == 'minifiedoutput') {
} else {

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